CSEDays 2012

Yekaterinburg, Russia, September, 12...15

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Очень понравилась организация, все продумано, есть время пообщаться. Вкусные кофе-брейки!
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Total prices, transport and practical sessions


After long and strong negotiations with Selen we are ready now to announce you precise prices for accommodation.


It will be 1 500 rubles per day. We will stay at Selen for three days, so total price will be 4 500 rubles. You can find more on accommodation here

As for transport, bus will be waiting from 14:00 and will depart from Circus (Tsirk, subway «Geologicheskaya») at 14:50.




Lectors gave their requirements for participation in practice sessions. You can find it here.

If you plan business trip from your company or university, you have to put as the aim of your business trip Ural Federal University.

Internet connection will be possible only with use 3g modems. Administration o Selen recommends using MTS 3d modems.