CSEDays 2012

Yekaterinburg, Russia, September, 12...15

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Хочется еще раз поблагодарить организаторов и гостей школы за ту возможность общения с интересными людьми, которую они подарили!
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Venue. Transport

CSEDays. 2012 will be held September, 12th – 15th in Selen (35km from Yekaterinburg).


All CSEDays events are free of charge. Accommodation shall be paid be the participants on their own at price of 1500 Rubles per a person a day.

Organizers will reimburse accommodation costs to some participants based on competitive selection. If you need such a compensation, state tit in application form.

There are double, triple and four-bed rooms, with bathroom and toilet on the storey in Selen camp.

In Selen hotel situated near the camp you can find room (with bathroom) and breakfast at the price of 4500 Rubles per person.

Reporting documents as well as stamps in warrants are submitted upon request.


Complimentary bus from Yekaterinburg to Selen and back for all the participants.

The bus to Selen starts at Tsyrk (Circus) station at 14:50.



How to reach Tsyrk (Circus)?

From Railway station and North bus terminal:

Underground Uralskaya station – Geologicheskaya station

From South bus terminal:

tram № 1, 4, 5, 9, 14, 15, 25, 27 Avtovokzal (Bus terminal) - Tsyrk (Circus),

bus № 23, 50а, 50м, 57 Avtovokzal (Bus terminal) - Tsyrk (Circus),

taxi-bus № 011, 012, 016, 018, 019, 024, 039, 047 Avtovokzal (Bus terminal) - Tsyrk (Circus).

From Koltsovo airport:

Bus №1 Koltsovo airport - Tsyrk (Circus).

Participants from other cities shall reach Yekaterinburg on their own.