CSEDays. Theory 2013

Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia, June 29 - July 01

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В этом году были великолепные лекторы — даже просто тот факт, что на школу приехал профессор из Великобритании, это уже выдающееся достижение. Причем, Георгий Ржевский и Петр Скобелев хорошо дополняли друг друга. Осознал, что нам в УрГУ не хватает людей такого уровня. Профессоры, которые уже многого достигли в своей жизни и до сих пор в здравом уме и с искрой в глазах. Смотришь на таких людей и заражаешься их энтузиазмом и энергией.
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From the airport to hotels and the conference venue

  • By bus: take bus #1 from Koltsovo airport to "Gostinitsa Central'naya" for Park Inn Hotel, "Architecturnaya academia" for the Ural Federal University (conference venue), to "Zheleznodorozhny Vokzal" (terminal station) for Marins Park Hotel. The map of the route can be found here. Route runs from 6:03 a.m. to 23:30 p.m. every 20-30 minutes on work days, and from 6:32 a.m. to 23:24 p.m. every 30-40 minutes on weekends. The ticket should be bought inside the bus, the price is 23 rubles = $0.76.
  • By train: take Koltsovo Express train from Koltsovo airport to Ekaterinburg-Passazhirskiy Train Station (near Marins Park Hotel). Timetable can be found here. Trip time is about 40 minutes. The ticket should be bought inside the train, the price is 40 rubles.
  • By taxi: Taxi de Luxe is the official carrier of Koltsovo Airport. Phone for order: +7 (343) 330-30-30 (any time) +7 (343) 272-72-72 (any time). As you exit the baggage claim area to the airport hall, you will get a lot of local taxi offers. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend you not to use any of them and stick to the official carrier. The price is from 500 rubles. Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards are accepted.

From hotels to the conference venue

  • From Park Inn Hotel: 5 minutes walk by Mamina-Sibiryaka street.
  • From Marins Park Hotel: a) take a tram from the tram station ("Zheleznodorozhny Vokzal", in front of the hotel). Tram #27 to "Operny teatr" (6 stops), tram #21 to "Gostiniza Iset'" (5 stops); b) take a bus or trolleybus from the bus station (in front of the holel, on the other side of the street). Bus #31 to "Operny teatr" (4 stops), bus #23, trolleybus #1, #9 to "Architecturnaya academia" (3 stops for bus #23, 4 stops for others).