CSEDays. Theory 2013

Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia, June 29 - July 01

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Присутствие крупных компаний очень важно!
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  1. Public qubits versus private coins, Abuzer Yakaryilmaz
  2. Algorithms and complexity aspects in the theory of synchronizing automata, Marina Maslennikova
  3. On Short Heuristic Proof, Dmitry Sokolov
  4. Proving Termination and Computational Complexity of Computer Programs, Anton Dergunov
  5. Solving Multi-index Linear Programs by Reducing to Tree-Like Networks, Alexey Katerov
  6. Levenshtein Algorithm as a Distance Between Chains, Alexey Raskin
  7. Straight-line Programs: A Short Overview, Alexey Khvorost
  8. Weak monotone proofs of the propositional pigeonhole principle, Das Anupam