CSEDays 2012

Yekaterinburg, Russia, September, 12...15

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Хочется еще раз поблагодарить организаторов и гостей школы за ту возможность общения с интересными людьми, которую они подарили!
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Every evening you will be able to choose lector, who’s practice session you want to attend. Here are the requirements for theirs’ lessons.

Paolo Boldi


An Internet connection through 3g modem(MTS)

A Java programming environment (possibly Eclipse)

Some computer-algebra system software (like Maple or Mathematica)

Command-line facilites like grep, awk, sed, etc.

Andrey Raigorodskiy


Your most loved development framework (you will be allowed to realize tasks in your favorite language)

Any software that allows to build graphics (even Excel is suitable)

Sebastien Heymann

Laptops with Gephi installed. You get it on https://gephi.org/users/download/