CSEDays 2012

Yekaterinburg, Russia, September, 12...15

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Присутствие крупных компаний очень важно!
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Naumen - new sponsor


We are glad to inform that company Naumen decided to sponsor CSEDays!

Naumen deals with developing of software solutions for businesses and public authorities. Experts of the company offer various products that automatize different aspects of business processes. Naumen areas of expertise include enterprise document management, call-centers and contact-centers, e-learning, CRM systems, Service Desk systems, Network inventory systems and others. Nowadays Naumen has a large clients’ network: banks, financial clusters, communication statements, metallurgy and heavy industries are among them.
Naumen is in the list of 25 biggest Russian IT companies (based on CNews).
You may found more information about Naumen here: http://www.naumen.ru/.
You can read more about career at Naumen here: http://www.naumen.ru/career.
Naumen has a special trainee program for developers: http://www.naumen.ru/career/trainee.